Pan-European Picnic Visitors Centre

Dear Visitors! From 1st April (Saturday), the Pan-European Picnic Visitors Centre welcomes all visitors again! We are looking forward to meet you!



10:00 - 18:00

The Pan-European Picnic and the Breakthrough have become one of the symbols of the reunification of Europe. The site of this historic event has been popular with tourists and a pilgrimage site to many former GDR refugees and their relatives.

In the area of the Pan-European Memorial Park we were building a visitors centre to get the historic events of 1989 close to as many people as possible. This site allow visitors during the touristic high season to learn about the past while drinking a coffee or a refreshment drink. It was our goal to establish a community place to serve as a memorable site to the historic events. At the Memorial Park a “time corridor” mark the iron curtain and the moment of the breakthrough. Construction works  have completed by August 2019.

The project has been financed by EU Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme (TOP) co-financed by the Government of Hungary and Sopron City with County Rights.

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